Restrictions Might Have Gone, But COVID Hasn’t

Preparing Britain For 2022


The past two years have been very long; life changed for everybody across the globe as entire continents were locked down, entire industries and markets were turned on their heads and millions of families were struck by tragedy. But is Britain finally at a point where it is ready to see the end of COVID-restrictions?


End of COVID-19 Restrictions

Originally, the last of the COVID-restrictions in England were set to end on 24th March 2022, but the Prime Minister has suggested this could now be brought forward by over a month to 24th February. While addressing the House of Commons, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, “Providing the current encouraging trends in the data continue, it is my expectation that we will be able to end the last domestic restrictions, including the legal requirement to self-isolate if you test positive, a full month early.”


This could mean that from as early as next week, people who have tested positive for COVID-19 will no longer have the legal requirement to self-isolate. This will likely mean that the number of infections across Britain will surge; however this may not be fully represented in COVID-19 statistics, as it is also the part of the plan that free lateral flow and PCR tests will be ended for healthy adults. So, not only will there be many people who test positive no longer isolating, but with the end of free testing there will be many people out in public who have COVID-19 without knowing it.


Concern For At Risk People


These changes will offer COVID-19 many new opportunities to spread – potentially very rapidly. Despite the UK’s falling number of cases and deaths and high vaccine uptake rate, many people are still worried about what this will mean for the elderly and most vulnerable people in our society.


At Let’s Sanitise It, we understand that pandemic restrictions cannot continue forever, but also understand why so many people are concerned by the planned ending of all COVID measures. Even if it is the case that it is still too soon to end restrictions in England, if the government is going to go ahead with repealing them then we want it to stay that way. We are determined to see that there will be no need later to reintroduce harsher measures.


We believe that it is in our hands; it is up to us not to get complacent for our own sakes, as well as for the sake of our families, our communities and our country. Even though the restrictions may no longer be in place, it is still advisable that we social distance where possible, that those who are no longer eligible for free tests but can afford to do so test when you have symptoms, that if you do have COVID-19 you self-isolate where possible and that you get vaccinated if you have not yet done so.



Good Hygiene


Most important of all, we should all practice good hygiene as much as possible to kill COVID before it has the chance to spread. Let’s Sanitise It’s scientifically proven hygiene services make achieving this accessible and affordable to everyone. Our services include disinfectant bio-fogging services, COVID-securing services, deep cleaning services, post-event cleaning services, office cleaning services and many others.


With Let’s Sanitise It, we can ensure that we all stay safe in our homes, in public and in the workplace. All of the services we offer can be seen on our website.

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Our NHS workers strive to keep us all safe and well, so we would like to return the favour.