Victorious Festival Portsmouth

Victorious Festival

Victorious Festival Portsmouth was a three-day music festival in Southsea, Portsmouth between 27th – 29th August 2021. This festival was attended by 65,000 people who were going to see music acts such as Madness, The Kooks, Rag’n’Bone Man, Peter Hook & The Light and many more.

Due to the high number of people who attended this festival, there were many areas that would experience particularly high foot traffic. This meant there was an increased risk of festival goers being exposed to COVID-19, as well as other harmful viruses and bacteria, while at the event. To address these health and safety concerns, the festival organisers reached out to Let’s Sanitise It to enquire about our hygiene solutions.


The areas with increased risk of COVID-transmission included five entrances and search areas, several hundred metres of barriers, 450 toilet units, 40 cabins and tables and chairs areas alongside many others. To determine how best to make these areas COVID-secure, we sent our team of sanitisation specialists to the site of the event for two days in the week prior to the festival. While on site, our team took this time to both strategise and deliver our scientifically proven hygiene services systematically across the high-risk areas.

Our technicians went from section to section of the festival site targeting the high-traffic areas, applying our sanitising liquid to the various spaces and surfaces where the risk of exposure to COVID-19 would be greatest. Our advanced sanitising solution and application methods enabled us to kill viruses and bacteria not only on surfaces, but also in the air, and to reach areas invisible to the human eye. We did not just kill the viruses and bacteria present but also provided a lasting anti-viral protection that will remain active for up to 60 days – far longer than the duration of the event.

Music festivals and other similar events are an enormous part of our culture, and after the last year and a half it is important that people are able to start to enjoy life again. However, running these kind of events does not come without risk, as we saw in the case of Boardmasters Festival earlier in August. Unfortunately, after the festival in Cornwall took place, there were almost 5,000 coronavirus cases that investigators linked to the festival.

Let’s Sanitise It

Thankfully, the team behind Victorious Festival were able to avoid this terrible situation arising again with their decision to bring Let’s Sanitise It onboard. Our COVID-prevention service is the most effective way to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19, as well as other harmful substances, even in high-traffic areas where the likelihood of transmission is increased.

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks and gratitude to Victorious Festival for placing their trust in Let’s Sanitise It. We appreciate not only their business, but the commitment they made to ensuring their event ran as safely as possible for all those involved – directly and indirectly. With the application of our bespoke hygiene solutions, we were able to keep the guests, staff, and performers at the festival, as well as the local community, safe from any increased risk of potential COVID-19 outbreaks. We provided the festival with certificates of service so that they could demonstrate the precautions they had taken to safeguard public health. To offer peace of mind to those in attendance, we used our branding and placed signs and stickers around the event site to show the lengths that Victorious Festival had gone to in order to ensure their wellbeing.

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Our NHS workers strive to keep us all safe and well, so we would like to return the favour.