Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

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Completely automatic hand sanitisation with wall-mounted, freestanding and trolley units available.  All our sanitisers have the following features:

  • Contactless Operation
  • No paper towels
  • Cost efficient - savings of up to £300 per month
  • Environmentally Friendly

Branding options available

Keep your entries, exits and hot spot areas on brand with our custom branded sanitisers.

Customise your sanitisers with your company colours, logo and branding.  Units can be completely coloured if required, or with touch colouring as pictured.

High Footfall Hand Sanitisation Solution

When you have a high traffic areas and need to implement a solution that can match the demand, with no mess and very low maintenance, our automatic hand sanitisers are the #1 product on the market.


Easy to use, can keep up with huge demand and are incredibly durable.


Watch out unit in action in action at busy shopping centres, supermarkets and popular restaurants.  After delivering a spray the unit is ready to dispense again with micro seconds.  

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Save up to £300 per month with every machine when compared to traditional sanitiser units; this is thanks to the measured dosing of sanitiser solution and no staff being required.

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10,000 Hands

Due to the efficiency of the technology and the size of the sanitiser solutions drums, each refill of the machine can disinfect 10,000 hands, that is 5,000 people per bottle.

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Fully Automatic

The sanitisation stations use state-of-the-art motion sensor technology to detect the presence of hands, eliminating the need for triggers, buttons or pedals.

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Bespoke Branding

We offer a bespoke branding service; if you would like your machines to stay on brand then we can print them with your company colours and logo.

Save thousands of pounds each year

Our Sanitisers are specifically designed to dispense the perfect amount of hand sanitiser to both sides of the persons when they are applied.  This means that there is no excessive over application, which frequently occurs when using bottle pump varieties.

There is no need to have a member of staff on the stations, we provide appropriate signage with every unit that explains how to operate the sanitiser, and also to advertise where it is located.

The costs savings on a recent client's introduction of the machine saved them £300 per month on hand sanitiser solutions alone.  If you are using a member of staff at entry/exit of a store, our machines could save you upwards of £35,000 per year.

unit blue background
wallmount unit

Wallmount Unit

Our most popular sanitation unit are our wall mounted units are perfect for permanent sanitisation solutions.  Very common uses include business entrances/exits, near lifts, /elevators and at points of sale 

trolley mount

Trolley Mount

Our newest product if our trolley mounted unit which features the normal hand sanitizer and built-in trolley sanitizer solution.  Customers simply park their trolley, sanitise their hands and trolley in one easy motion.

freestanding fixed

Standalone Unit

The standalone unit gives all the benefits of the wall-mounted unit and with the flexibility of being freestanding.  The perfect solution for businesses without a wall at the desired location or for mobile businesses

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To effectively protect yourself against harmful viruses and bacteria, you should use a sanitiser that contains at least 60% alcohol. Our Let’s Sanitise It sanitisers contain 70% alcohol to give you peace of mind that your hands are being thoroughly disinfected.

Hand sanitisers are an effective way to properly disinfect hands when you are without access to soap and clean water. Hand sanitisers offer a convenient way to protect yourself against harmful viruses and bacteria.

Using a hand sanitiser disinfects your hands, protecting you from exposure to harmful viruses and bacteria. You should use a hand sanitiser as it protects you from catching things and protects others from catching things from you. With the way the world has changed at the hands of the coronavirus pandemic, sanitisers are vital in protecting yourself and others.

We at Let’s Sanitise It offer 70% alcohol hand sanitisers and state-of-the-art touchless application devices. View our product pages to see the range of sanitiser products we have to offer.

You should use a sanitiser when you have touched an item or surface that you know or believe could have harmful viruses or bacteria on them, when you shake hands with someone that you know or believe could be sick or have harmful bacteria or viruses on them, when you touch surfaces in busy areas such as buses and trains and in any other situation in which you believe your hands might have come into contact with harmful bacteria or viruses.