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Let's Sanitise It

The Let's Sanitise It Hand Sanitising Station is a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of personal hygiene. The robust machines are capable of sanitising large volumes of hands at a fast rate, making it perfect for high-traffic environments. These machines are made from recycled materials.

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Let's Wash It

The Let's Wash It wheelie bin cleaning service is perfect for both residential and commercial bins. Our cleaning service will help boost business hygiene ratings, keep bad smells and pests out of communities and, most importantly, protect frontline waste workers.

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Bio Fogging Service

Our disinfectant fogging service is the most effective way of ensuring that enclosed spaces are completely sanitary and free of harmful viruses and bacteria. The mist released by the fogger reaches spaces the human eye can't see, and with regular fogging sessions the protection offered in ongoing.

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Let's Wash It

Let's Wash It specialises in providing cleaning services for wheelie bin units for residential and commercial clients, as well as for local authorities.  This service is the ideal choice to help businesses improve and maintain hygiene ratings, to keep pests and lingering smells out of communities, and to protect frontline waste workers from exposure to any substances that might cause them harm.

We can schedule your cleaning to occur in line with your bin collection days for maximum convenience. Our cleaning services are thorough and efficient, and they are a great way for local authorities and businesses to demonstrate the care and attention they give to safeguarding wellbeing and ensuring health and safety standards. 

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Let's Sanitise It

Let's Sanitise It developed the brand new high-volume, fully automated hand sanitising station using plastic waste recovered from UK waste streams as a response to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. We did this to help the UK economy stay open and support businesses while also ensuring the health and safety of the general population.

Our machines can sanitise 5,000 people's worth of hands between refills and requires no delay between users. This makes it the perfect choice for high-traffic areas such as care homes, supermarkets, shopping centres, hospitality venues, sports stadiums and music venues.

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Bio Fogging Service

Our disinfectant fogging service is equally beneficial for both commercial and residential addresses. The mist released by the fogging machine can reach spaces the human eye can't see, and it will not only kill pathogens on surfaces but in the air as well. The service does not take long to carry out, and with regular fogging sessions the protection offered is on going. This service is the most effective way of making homes safe for families and workplaces safe for staff.

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