Redbridge Wheelie Bins

85,000 New Wheelie Bins In Redbridge to Tackle Climate Change

This summer saw the completion of Redbridge’s borough-wide roll-out of wheelie bins to over 85,000 households. This was a milestone achievement in the borough’s commitment to a ‘greener and cleaner’ Redbridge.

The main roll-out is complete, but there will still be ongoing work for some time; this includes the council’s collection of privately owned bins for disposal as part of their Bin Amnesty Agreement, the repairing and replacing of faulty bins and ensuring bins are delivered to addresses that were missed in the initial roll-out.

These bins will allow households to store their waste more securely, reducing the amount of litter on the streets of Redbridge, while also making it easier for the residents to recycle.

One Redbridge resident said, “I’m ecstatic about my wheelie bin! It makes my life easier. I can throw my rubbish in, and move the bin around easily on collection day – and no more foxes ripping up bags of rubbish put out the night before!”

Household waste was identified as one of the worst offenders in the borough for carbon emissions. The introduction of the wheelie bins was part of the London Borough of Redbridge’s Waste Reduction Strategy and was one of 100 actions listed in their Climate Change Action Plan.

Jo Blackman, Cabinet Member for Environment and Civic Pride Councillor, said, “Crews have been working tirelessly over the last few months to complete the roll-out, and have done a fab job in ensuring 85,000 households across the borough get a bin. The move to wheelie bins is another positive stride forward in the work being carried out across the borough to create a greener and cleaner Redbridge.”

Wheelie bins provide a great opportunity to keep litter off the street and make it much easier for people to recycle their waste, as well as to reduce the amount of it they produce. However, with the use of wheelie bins there are another set of issues that can arise. For example, harmful viruses and bacteria can build up inside the bins over time; this not only puts the local community at risk, but can also cause pest infestations and allow for foul smells to linger. As well as this, dirty bins can risk businesses having their hygiene ratings downgraded, and they pose a risk to the frontline waste workers we have all relied on so heavily throughout the pandemic.

Fortunately, the Let’s Wash It professional wheelie bin cleaning service by Let’s Sanitise It offers a cost-effective solution to all these problems. The bin cleaning service is fast and affordable; it kills viruses and bacteria, prevents pest infestations, fights off lingering smells, boosts business hygiene ratings and protects frontline waste workers from unnecessary exposure to harmful substances. Additionally, this service can also assist the borough in achieving the aims set out in the Climate Change Action Plan. The water used in this service is recycled to minimise wastage and all cleaning products are non-toxic to prevent any resulting harm to the environment.

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auto sanitizer


Our NHS workers strive to keep us all safe and well, so we would like to return the favour.