Record High COVID-19 Cases Cause For Alarm


Highest Cases For Two Years   New estimates from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggest that as many as 4.9 million people in the United Kingdom may currently have COVID-19, up more than 600,000 from the 4.3 million the previous week. This represents the highest total number of cases ever reported since the ONS…

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Restrictions Might Have Gone, But COVID Hasn’t

COVID-19 Restrictions

Preparing Britain For 2022   The past two years have been very long; life changed for everybody across the globe as entire continents were locked down, entire industries and markets were turned on their heads and millions of families were struck by tragedy. But is Britain finally at a point where it is ready to…

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The Omicron Variant: What It Means For Britain


Britain continues to be under attack from the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus; just a few weeks ago you would have been forgiven for thinking the UK was over the worst of the pandemic. But now, with over 60,500 new Omicron cases registered in the UK, 56,000 of those being in England, on just Tuesday 21stDecember alone, it seems we are still very much in the belly of the beast.

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COVID-19: The Importance Of Sanitisation

Importance of Sanitisation

The Coronavirus Pandemic Businesses have had it hard over the last year and a half as the coronavirus pandemic forced millions of companies across the UK to close as the country was put into lockdown after lockdown. Finally, things are looking up; the British economy has been fully reopened, and people are back out enjoying…

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